Outdoor Shooting

Whether you are just learning how to shoot, or you are an accomplished marksman, our instructors will provide you with a fun and safe shooting experience. Our outdoor shooting experience strives to give all skill levels top-notch shooting activity using a large variety of weapons in a spectacular natural setting to provide a safe, fun environment to enjoy the great outdoors.

Because we believe in giving our clients the highest level of instruction, we have experienced ex-military marksman on hand. This means that you spend a higher proportion of the day shooting, rather than standing around waiting for your turn.

Outdoor Shooting Package Includes:

5 shots .22 Rifle with optics

5 shots 9 mm Pistol

5 shots 38 special Revolver

5 shots M 48 Rifle

5 shots Pump Action Shot gun

5 shots AK-47 assault Rifle


Safety briefing

Qualified ex-military Instructors

English Speaking Guide

Full instruction; safe firearms use; shooting positions; marksmanship skills

Outdoor Shooting in Belgrade

Clients must be 18 year old or over.

Minimum 5 people.


In Action:


Cannot take place if you are under the influence of alcohol!

Booking necessary!

Call us now or send us a message with your questions, and remove all your doubts.
Booking necessary for all activities!

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