Things to do in Belgrade

Looking for things to do in Belgrade, why not try one of our shooting ranges, our highly trained instructors will explain how to shoot each weapon safely and correctly either in our inside or outside shooting ranges, so you get the very best out of the shooting activity you choose.

Wide range of firearms from small pistols to powerful "Dirty Harry" 44 Magnum revolvers, AK-47 military assault rifles and military grade Sniper rifles.

* We are the only company in Belgrade where you can shoot the AK-47 assault rifle *

Our arsenal

We provide three very different shooting venues that cater to tourists who want to test weapons they've seen only on the news or in the movies.


Our arsenal

We are offering you the chance to try an activity that is definitely quite a rare experience – shooting real guns with live ammunition!


Cannot take place if you are under the influence of alcohol!

Booking necessary!

Call us now or send us a message with your questions, and remove all your doubts.
Booking necessary for all activities!

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