Indoor Shooting Range

We are offering you the chance to try an activity that is definitely quite a rare experience – shooting real guns with live ammunition in Belgrade Shooting Range.

Outdoor Shooting

Our outdoor shooting experience strives to give all skill levels top-notch shooting activity using a large variety of weapons in a spectacular natural setting to provide a safe, fun environment to enjoy the great outdoors.

Sniper Shooting Experience

Check the wind, squeeze the trigger…boom! The bullet takes one second to find its mark. A couple of seconds later you hear a resounding CLANG. Congratulations! You made the shot.

WWI WWII Antique Weapon Shooting

This unique experience is a chance to try some of the firearms seen in the old war movies. Let’s face it, who hasn’t wondered what its like to shoot antique weapons from World war 1 and 2?

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Belgrade now boasts an Olympic standard Clay shooting range, located only 30 minutes from Belgrade center.


Airsoft is so much more than grown-ups dressing up as soldiers and shooting each other with replica weapons that fire 6mm BB’s, it’s an opportunity to have some real ‘hands on’ experience at war gaming.

Booking necessary!

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