WWI WWII Antique Weapon Shooting

This unique experience is a chance to try some of the firearms seen in the old war movies. Let’s face it, who hasn’t wondered what its like to shoot antique weapons from World war 1 and 2, These iconic weapons which were used during these conflicts set the stage for modern weapons, but still pack a punch that was unprecedented at the time.

Some Ranges have the odd older gun you can try out, but we are offering a unique opportunity to shoot from weapons used by the German military during the two world wars.

Because we believe in giving our clients the highest level of instruction, we have experienced ex-military marksman on hand. This means that you spend a higher proportion of the day shooting, rather than standing around waiting for your turn.

WWI WWII Antique Weapon Shooting Includes:

5 x shots Luger P38 Pistol 9mm Caliber in World war 2

5 x shots Luger P08 Pistol 9mm Caliber World war 1

5 x shots Mauser Gewehr 98 7.92 x 57mm caliber bolt action rifle World war 1

5 x shots Mauser Karabiner 98k 7.92 x 57mm caliber bolt action rifle World war 2

5 x shots Walter PPK Pistol 7.65 x 17mm caliber Adolf Hitler’s Suicide weapon


Safety briefing

Qualified ex-military Instructors

English Speaking Guide

Full instruction; safe firearms use; shooting positions; marksmanship skills



Cannot take place if you are under the influence of alcohol!

Booking necessary!

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